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  • ...in the Nocturne
    This game was created for the spring 2003 RPGDX mini RPG compo. It won first place. This is the final version of the game, minus music, which I decided to leave out at the last minute.
    Download (234KB)

  • Legend of GrimTold
    An NES style RPG I was working on. This is a working build, so you can walk around, and fight monsters, but not much else.
    Download (79KB)

  • Mattress Warrior
    This Dragon Warrior style RPG was created for the first ever RPGDX 48 hour compo. It won first place.
    Download (773KB)

  • Mysterious Song
    This RPG is a mix of Phantasy Star, and Dragon Warrior. It was downloaded over 50,000 times while it was on download.com, and was also included on a CD-ROM with an issue of Mikrobitti, Finland's largest PC magazine.
    Download (1.9MB)

  • Secret of Cooey, The
    A joke RPG. The first of many of Cooey's adventures.
    Download (162KB)

  • Secret of Cooey II, The
    The sequel. More enemies, better graphics, original music, etc.
    Download (240KB)

  • Secret of Cooey III, The
    This was a very ambitious game. Style wise, it looks and plays like Final Fantasy VI. Sadly, the game never made it past this demo stage, but there is still lots of story and a few hours of playtime in this demo.
    Download (3.9MB)

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