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What is DarkDreams? A small label founded by myself, DarkDread, in late 1995. It's primary purpose was, and is for the release of my own projects. Mostly, these are 2D, console style RPGs. I have little interest in the current state of 3D gaming. If you are looking for the latest and greatest eye candy, then go someplace else.


26-07-2004, 5:44pm - *dusts off the cobwebs, and sweeps up a little bit*

Right, then. I just wanted to do a little cleaning here. I've also added a few of my older games and demos to the download section, so go check those out.

Other than that... I plan on making another game. Yep... but it won't be a freeware game this time. Actually, it will be a demo of an idea I have for an RPG, that I will use to send around to companies, and see if anyone bites. Wish me luck.

-- DarkDread

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