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05-19-2003, 5:37pm - Voting for the RPGDX compo is over, and it looks like "...in the Nocturne" won first place. Thanks for everyone who thought the game deserved top spot.

...and speaking of said game, I've almost got a complete version ready. I'm doing mostly cleanup right now, and testing it as well. It should only be a couple more days, then I'll make a download available. Until then, here's some new screens:

Inside the throne room... note the new treasure chests.
...in the Nocturne - throne room

A red bloody thing gets hit with MegaFire.
...in the Nocturne - spell effect

The first one is the throne room. I ditched the old treasure chests, in favour of new ones... I think these turned out much better. You can just see one in the lower right of the first screen. Also, I've added some neat spell effects in the game. The second screen is an example of the MegaFire spell. That's it for now... time to finish the game.

-- DarkDread

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