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03-21-2003, 4:04am - Just another teaser here. I've been trying to pixel up a decent version for the hero's map sprites, and here it is.

Which one's better?
Which one's better?

Personally, I still can't decide which version is better, the colour outlined, or the black outlined one. Of course, on a black background such as this one, the blackoutlined one is a bit more difficult to see... but obviously, the character won't be running around on a black background in the game. I think I'll try the coloured one first, and see how it works out.

I think, for some of you at least, this is going to be a dead giveaway. Let me say that, no, it doesn't mean this game is coming out after all, it just means that some work is being done on it... I'm still in the process of just playing around with code/pixels, and having fun... but I did want to show some stuff here, now and again.

03-21-2003, 1:14am - I bet you all forgot about this:

It'll be a creepier dungeon, trust me.
Deep inside a dungeon.

I still haven't changed the window colours... oops.
A snow covered town.

It's not quite what you think it is, though. Then again, perhaps it's what you're exactly thinking. Either or, there's coding, and pixelling, and story planning going on... and other fun stuff.

03-19-2003, 5:12am - I've been playing with coloured outlining lately. I guess, looking at too many CvS sprite rips made me want to try it. Of course, my version of it is very basic... I just don't have the patience to do many, many enemy sprites in this style, without sacrificing some extra perks.

I seem to have better luck with humanoid creatures.
As you can probably see, non humanoid creatures are not my strong suit. I still feel that the rat, and the bat (heehee) turned out decent, however. If there is time later, and if I have motivation, I might just decide to edit them some more.

I actually managed to snag a copy of Final Fantasy Chronicles for 15 bucks (that's Canadian... multiply by about 0.6 to get a USD value), which I'm quite glad for doing. I'd forgotten how much fun Final Fantasy IV was... so I've been playing through that again. It's been about 11 years since I first completed the game, and it's sure bringing back memories... although I must say, when it comes to the pixel art, which absolutely wowed me when I was younger, I'm finding myself spotting various mistakes, and other things which I feel could've been done better. I blame it on lurking over at Pixelation. Curse you Pixelation, curse you! ;)

03-01-2003, 2:33am - Just finished up the tiles, and a small amount of the map for the overworld. I've decided to make a pretty large (by my standards) world map this time around. It weighs in at almost 150x150 tiles. This, I think, is more than enough room to create a neato looking world, with lots of cool continents, islands, and secret places to explore.

Kinda makes you want to dust off the ol' NES, doesn't it?
Retro Knight

The player starts off in the northeast corner of the map. This area is limited to two small islands (three if you count the river running through one as a seperator), upon which are situated two towns, and a mine. Of course, you just know something funky is going to happen when the player explores that mine, don't you?

Anyway, this will be the first RPG I'm writing where the player will be able to take control of a ship, and sail (I wrote sale there first for some strange reason, hmm... maybe I need more medication) away to far off lands. Frankly, I'm quite surprised that it has taken me this long to take advantage of such a long standing RPG cliche.

I'm thinking this might be a long game... already I have at least a half dozen towns planned out, and I've only drawn the eastern continents of the world. Of course, I'm still not guaranteeing this game will see a release of any sort... but for the moment, I am enjoying myself in its creation.

-- DarkDread

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