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02-17-2003, 5:10pm - Yep, new logo... again. It's been a while sice I've done up a new one. I've also been seriously considering giving the site a redesign, so it's not quite as plain looking... but, that requires motivation... and you know how I feel about motivation.

Anyway, I've been doing some pixel work on the Retro Knight game. I still dunno if I will finish it, or even get it anywhere near a playable state... right now, I'm just having fun plotting pixels. I have decided that I want it to look a lot more Dragon Warrior like, however... so I've downloaded some DQRemix tilesets, and been studying them. Here are the results of that study.

A Dragon Warrior fan game approaches! Command?
Retro Knight

I will point out, those are all my own tiles/sprites/etc... although I'm mimicking the DW look as closely as I can... with a few changes. For example, I never did like the 16 pixel/1 tile high walls that houses had in the games. So, I've made a seperate tile for the wall, and one which is a roof/wall combo. This gives the walls more height, and makes them look much nicer, I think. The other thing, not quite as noticable in this particular screen, is that the first town map will closesly resemble the first town of Dragon Warrior. If I get as far as writing a story for the game, there will be a good reason. For now though, it's all in my head. Isn't everything though? ;)

02-10-2003, 5:38am - This site is now, in its current form, a year old. Yeay, and stuff.

Unfortunately, I just haven't been doing much, in the way of game dev'ing lately. For a while, I was unsure if I ever wanted to bother making games again. I'm still really not quite sure why it happened. Perhaps, I just needed a break. Anyway, today, I coded and pixelled for a bit... and thankfully, I enjoyed doing it. So, hopefully, I'll have fun with this once again. Anyway, since it's been so long without any screenies here... I thought I'd post a grab bag of random screenshots, from assorted projects that I've been working on. Some of these I plan to finish, while others have already been dropped. Still, it's something to look at, for now. ;)

Dark Crown remake - just a shot of a fight with a slime.
Dark Crown

Secret Of Cooey DX - one last parting shot, of a SoC1 remake that will never be.
Secret of Cooey DX

Legend Of GrimTold - Eiss and Yuka fight the new cave bat enemy.
Legend of GrimTold

Nonsense RPG - it's an RPG... about Nonsense.  At least the SoCDX tiles are being reused.
Nonsense RPG

Retro Knight - silly Dragon Warrior worship.  Dunno if I'll finish this.
Retro Knight

Yeah, that's five projects... all RPGs. Yes, I am mildly insane, thanks for asking. Of course, not all those games are seeing active development right now... and I doubt that all of them will be finished... but hey, I've still been having fun making them. So, it's all good.

-- DarkDread

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