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02-22-2002 - I've taken on even more responsibilities lately. First, as the moderator of the Distortion forum over at the GDR, and second, doing tiles for an RPG by one of RPGamer's columnists. Expect me to crack from all of this soon. ;)

An early house tileset for Vazgen's Quest.

So, this is some of the tile work I've done so far for the game, called Vazgen's Quest. As you can see, it's a house. I tried about five different roof styles before I finally settled on a hay roof. It should work well, considering the medevil (yeah, I probably spelled that wrong) theme of the game. Which, also means that I will be removing the windows, and adding wooden shutters later on. Anyway, I'm pleased with this first version. It has a nice soft feel to it, which is what I was aiming for.

Dintorman.  A lizard like enemy. The 'thing' to your right is a test enemy. I originally did it for Vazgen's Quest, however, it is a bit too big to be used in the game. Therfore, you may expect to see this creature show up in DeviusCreed's mini RPG. It's final destination has not been decided yet.

I'm pleased with the shading on it. For once, it actually looks the way I intended, which was a sort of 'just got out of the water' glisten. I can see a few things that could make do with some changes, but, until I know where the enemy will be used, I'll hold off.

So, that's it for now. I really should get back to working on LoGT. A lot of the code is done... so, hopefully, I'll be able to see 'instant gratification' type results, every time I spend an hour or two on it.

02-15-2002 - Hopefully, you all had a passable Valentine's Day. If not, you're welcome to wallow in self pity... just don't do it around me.

Die! Die of a cuteness overdose! At any rate, you're probably wondering what exactly the image to your right is... unless you're using lynx (in which case, use links, or w3c as those can render tables, and chairs... err, frames properly, at least) to browse this page, of course. It's a little pixel desktop thingy I did up for my fiancee. My purpose for uploading it was twofold: One, I think it turned out rather nice. I like the pose, and the general look of it. Plus, the face is modeled after one of my cats. ;) Two, I thought it would do good to scare most of you reading this page, far, far away. If you're still here, then congratulations, you're much more tolerant to 'cute' things than most sane people. :)

02-12-2002 - The site has looked rather lonely without a downloads section. So, I've changed that... and yes, there is something there to download. It's a shooting mini game. I figure, I'll do some mini games every now and then, just to break up the monotony of the big projects. Anyway, let me know if you ejoy the mini game. It's a fun little distraction, in my opinion.

02-11-2002 - Well, I spent the last few hours doing touchups on some of the graphics for LoGT. Specifically, I redrew quite a bit of Yuka's portrait. She's still a bit gothy looking, heh. I'm not sure if I'll keep this version. However, I do feel it's a bit better.

Yuka At any rate, you can have a look for yourself. I've decided to upload the image. Now, keep in mind, this is using the first 16 colours of a standard palette. That, and I suck at shading, heh.

I can think of a few small improvements. first, the shoulders seem to slope a bit too much. Also, on the right side, there should probably be a bit less shoulder, considering she's facing sideways. The other thing I can think of, is to perhaps give her a bit less of an evil eye. She certainly looks like an evil character, rather than a good one. Who knows... I may play around with the image some more.

02-08-2002 - No more splash page. It was starting to annoy me. Now, there are less things to click through, heh. On another note, I realized yesterday that the contact link was wrong. I forgot the 'n' in indierpg. This is the part where I would make a joke about my lack of preception skills, but, alas, I am out of wit today.

Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't be updating this page so often. At this rate, a month's worth of archive would be pretty damn long. Can't have that. So, ah, I promise to update a lot less, heh.

02-07-2002 - I added some screenshots to the EGA RPG project, otherwise known as Legend of GrimTold. I also realized that my date was wrong on my PC... so, yesterday's update was the 6th, and not 5th. Oh well.

I'm not sure how long I want to make this EGA RPG. One part of me says, do a quick mini RPG, and another part says 'not another one? ...go for a 40 hour quest!'. I'm leaning towards the long one this time. That, and since Distant Promises has been canceled, I figure I can use the story from that for this project. Of course, DP had technology in it, while LoGT will either be completely, or mostly fantasy based. Still, drawing mech and bio-mech type enemies is fun, so, expect at least a few things like that in the game. No outright mech areas though, as, metal type tiles, aren't that fun to do... especially when you're working with only two shades of grey.

Another thing I've been toying with, is the type of soundtrack for the game. I'm tempted to eschew RPG cliche mode for this, and create a droning doom type soundtrack... of the creepy, and suicidal persuasion. I've been playing around with that type of style before... and I'm satisfied with the way it came out. Who knows... I may post a track or two. Then again, I may not. That's the beauty of this page... you never know what I'll do next. ;)

02-06-2002 - Four and a half years of inactivity. I finally realized that Darkness Ethereal was not the way I wish to do everything. As a 'team sport', DE is nice... but, it stopped being personal for me quite a long time ago. I need something to call my own. Something where I call all the shots. Something where I don't need to make promises of any kind. This is DarkDreams.

So what can you expect from DarkDreams? Whatever you want. I will not make release schedules, I will not hype product... I will not even guarantee that you will see a single game out of me. Sure, I'll post screenshots. I might even post demos. However, the main purpose of this site, is more 'blog' than 'indie dev studio'. Just a place to lay some of my thoughts down... and incidentally, to showcase some of my 'for fun only' work. So, kudos to Mandrake for the webspace. I know I'll get a lot of good use out of it. Enjoy the ride.

-- DarkDread

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