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01-26-2003, 2:51am - Lately, I've been thinking about a cheap way to assemble a simple DOS based machine, with cheap tv out, that could essentially be used as a DOS game console. Sure, there is no practical use, or need for one, but personally, I would have a blast with such a machine! ...that, and coding games for it would be a real cool trip. I've been looking here and there for prices of all in one boards, and cheap, small cases and whatnot that could be used to assemble such a machine. I think, if it's possible to put together a decent speed one (say, around 200-300mhz, 32-64mb of ram, and a small hdd for save games, and stuff) for under 100 bucks, I'd go ahead and do it. Code a nice DOS launcher for the games, and have it off and running. Of course, it would have to play QB games... so a built in interperter (yeah, I'd want it done from code, heh) would be a must... and basically, just have something like this as a nice retro box.

I'm sure there's at least a small niche market for this... so the machine specs and software could be GPLed (and for the OS, it could just run FreeDOS, more than good enough, I think), and put online so people could build their own 'DOS Retro Box', heh. If I did go ahead with something like this, I'd want to have at least some 'exclusive' games ready for the launch... and overall, just build a nice little community around it, for those of us who are nuts about retro 2D games. Anyway... it's just a thought... but it has been occupying my mind quite a bit lately. I'd really like to try to get something done to get this working, heh. We'll see.

01-10-2003, 9:43am - If you haven't heard the news, Darkness Ethereal is no more. It just wasn't going the way we wanted it to... so rather than stick around, I decided it better if it was gone. Of course, you never know, it may come back some day... but for now, that's the end of that.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good 2003 so far. Hopefully, we'll see lots of cool new indie games, and lots of old projects finished. Here's hoping for the best!

I think I've realized why I haven't felt like coding, or doing anything game dev. related in a while. The honest fact is, I'm just a little tired of making the same kinds of games, over and over again. With that in mind, I've started a new project that is (gasp!) not an RPG. It's going to be called Cooey's Mysterious Dungeon (yeah, cheap Squaresoft reference... I do so love those.)... and if you've ever played games like Wetspot II, Bomberman, or the nifty little Turbographx 16 game, Crater Maze, then you'll have a good idea of what it will be like. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun doing this game, and I'm keeping anything and everything RPG related out of it (well okay, it'll be 2D tile maps, and might have some RPG style monsters, like slimes, but that's it... honest!). I've added this game to the projects section, although, there isn't much to say about it for now. I'll be working on the basic game engines soon though, so I'll talk a bit more about it, as time goes on.

Well, that's it for now... oh, except for one more thing, I'll be tracking some music for a game Mandrake will be working on... so that should be fun. I still enjoy writing music, though lately it hasn't been tracking related, so it'll be nice to get back into that. Anyway, here's looking forward to a 2003 with some great indie games!

-- DarkDread

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