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Darkdreams Analysis


One of the key factors of a website is that it must be easy to read. This is definitely easy to read. You can tell the amount of effort that went into this site, with the famous black/white style up to his grammar and spell checking. This is indeed professional in every way.

To start lets review his homepage. The Darkdreams logo is fantastic, a fantastic change from the last I saw of it. It really does blend in, being a work of art onto its own. The picture of the forest I am not sure what it symbolizes. To me it would represent myself getting lost in a world of dreams. I love the forest, and as surely as I played them, I love Matt's work. He makes 2D gaming indeed a dream.

The page starts off with the art, and under a transparent page breaker there is his definition of what the company stands for. Blunt and too the point, honesty I always believed is a policy for good business. "If you are looking for the latest and greatest eye candy, then go someplace else," It could be no truer than that; and yet it could be far from the truth. On an artistic point of view I constantly see him advance his tile making skills. The detail involved is fascinating through each transition, telling me he doesn't give himself enough credit.

Giving attention to the fact that Matt has disappeared for a while. He makes an excellent comeback stating what has been undergone since his last trials. Once again using the time/date approach he quickly runs down updates, which is nice to see on the front page. It makes me want to view the other links to get further detail on what is going on.

As for the Castle tile set for Dark Crown:

You are in a study it seems. Add a clock and some flowers. Maybe set the table with a dinette set or perhaps even open books. You have a window on one side, but not the other. Unlikely unless there is a hidden room.

Next from the Main page is Projects. This is done in a similar style to his past web pages, and it is good that nothing was really changed here except that you can now download the pics and zoom in at will. It's really hard to give a good review on such a small pic, but then again it's hard to make the pic full size. I'll do another review on his projects later on.

Downloads is pretty self-explanatory. But as with every other link, the pages load fast and everything is tidy here with the use of headings and bullets. There are links to those of which have importance, which are cascaded in different shades of grey. Luckily he found good shades to use where most people fail due to hard on eyes reading. Matt found away to make a nice blend, so I had no problems so far.

Articles are useful for those wishing to also become a programming master in this particular style. Be aware that help doesn't come to fools though, there is plenty here in this link to get someone by if they only READ. Surely if you can and are reading my article, than you can read his Articles page first before stating a question to Matt.

Archives are an interesting new edition to the world of Dreams; I use this metaphor simply because I believe it to fit. I marvel on how this table was set up via monthly proportions. Those in light grey (suggest changing to white) are those where no changes were current. However, months in grey are a link to click on where it brings you to, as I call it: a history page. It is very similar to his home page rants, except now organized by date; so if anyone needs to look back on something here would be a recommended place to start.

Links and Contacts to me are noted as a self-addition to give credit to those whom have helped him and to add personal hobbies of interests to those willing to learn a little more about him. It's good that he added contact information, however unless there is a customer support line that I am unaware of, I myself find no use for it. ;)

Over all, this page has little faults, if I can find any at all. It's fast loading, easy to read, easy to get around and has all the major functions a web page needs to be a success. There is one thing I could recommend, is on some pages a "Return to top" link, because scrolling can be annoying to those whom are lazy.

Review written by Cory Crete.

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