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H O W    Q B    A R E    Y O U ?
Okay, I'll admit it... I enjoy making small programs in QB... it's fun. So, with that in mind, I decided to make a 'How QB Are You?' quiz. It works like this, check the box for each question that you can honestly answer 'yes' to... then, hit the "How QB am I?" button, to see how QB you are. This quiz is just for fun. Don't take it seriously.


1. Have you ever coded a game in QB?
2. Coded an RPG in QB?
3. ...and finished it?
4. Had a game of yours reviewed on VPlanet?
5. Thought the score was too low?
6. Do you remember NeoStar?
7. Have you ever downloaded the ABC Packets?
8. ...contributed to them?
9. Visited #quickbasic on EFNet?
10. Got in an argument over which QB RPG is the best?
11. Played Mysterious Song?
12. ...and beat it?
13. ...and killed the dragon?
14. Played Dark Ages?
15. ...and beat it?
16. Have you ever visited qb45.com?
17. ...posted on the board there?
18. ...have one of your programs for download there?
19. Can you name at least 5 QB RPGs?
20. ...can you name 10?
21. ...more than 10?
22. Do you know who DarkDread is?
23. ...Tek?
24. ...Angello Motolla?
25. Can you name what those people are famous for?
26. Have you ever made a website about QB?
27. ...an online fanzine?
28. ...contributed to one?
29. Have you ever recieved an award for one of your games?
30. ...from VPlanet?
31. Do you know what the Qlympics was?
32. ...did you participate?
33. Have you ever visited Darkness Ethereal?
34. ...and did you post on the DarkBoard?
35. Did you play Lianne in... The Dark Crown?
36. ...when it was first released?
37. Do you visit at least one QB related website per day?
38. ...more than one?
39. ...more than five?
40. Can you name 100 QB commands, and what they do?

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