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1. Could you give a brief description of your project?
Well, there's Eternal Frost (Lith remake), Mystica (FFVI style RPG, FFIII here in North America), Dreams (FFIV style RPG, FFII here in North America), and a final version of Dark Crown! S***, I'm a busy soul...

2. Why did you choose to make a role-playing game?
I don't play much of any other games, so it was a natural decision. Hell, I've been into RPG's ever since I was 14 or 15.

3. When did you start making your project and if it is finished, when did you do so? If you stopped working on it, why did you do so?
Let's see, Eternal Frost, I resumed just recently. Mystica's been in development for about a year. Dreams, about two months, and I've been trying to find motivation to finish Dark Crown for over a year now. I think I've finally found it!

4. Where did you get your idea for making your game?
The dark, misanthropic depths of my mind. Oh yeah, I get inspired by the Final Fantasy games too.

5. Did you do it all yourself or did you have help?
Most of my projects have been my own work, with credited snippets here and there. Mystica is being done by my friend Mystt and I.

6. How would you rate your game?
Well, I can't give an objective opinion. But with most of my projects, if they are not to my satisfaction I keep changing them until I am happy.

7. Did something go wrong when you were programming your game?
Oh boy, trying to compile is always fun. I have to create and merge so many libraries sometimes that I can't make heads or tails of them.

8. What part of programming did(or do) you like best?
Definetly the fact that a program will only be limited by one's imagination.

9. What part of programming did(or do) you hate most?
Trying to insure that a game will run smoothly on any system, be it a 386/40 or a Pentium 300.

10. Do you have anything to say to beginners who want to make an RPG?
Hmmm... try to be original I guess. Plus it always helps to know that you don't need the latest, greatest tools to create an RPG. Dark Crown was programmed on a 386/40, and it will run on a 286! Finally, once you start a project, finish it! I should take that advice myself...

11. What computer language do you use?
QuickBasic, C++, and Visual Basic. Plus a bit of Turbo Pascal, and even Turing...

12. Care to tell us a bit about yourself?
Hmm, I'm 20, live in Canada, and happily engaged. I enjoy heavy metal, goth, and classical music. I also collect medieval swords and axes, and Japanese Katana's. S***, why does that sound like a personal ad!?

13. What does the future hold in store for DarkDread>
The utter annhiliation of the world as we know it, or more decent RPG's. It depends on my mood!

14. Do you have any additional comments?
My Dying Bride rules! Give them a listen plus, Dreadful Shadows, Mortiis, Wongraven, Ten, Sundown, and Sentenced if you like intelligent, dark music.

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